"Skating is Essential"


"Skating is Essential"

Our collaboration

In 2020, THE SKATEROOM collaborated with internationally acclaimed American artist Raymond Pettibon, David Zwirner Gallery, and MoMA Design Store to offer two iconic editions inspired by works from The Museum of Modern Art’s (MoMA) collection. In this first collaboration, we explored the artist’s surfer-themed works to release two limited editions of 250.

In our second collaboration, we continued to explore the artist’s surfer-themed works. This time, the set of six decks, takes on a bigger scale: No Title (I see the…), 2019. In the spirit of Hokusai’s wave, Pettibon illustrates the magnitude of Nature over Man. This limited skateboard edition of 50 is hand-signed on deck by Raymond Pettibon himself.

In 2021, we are partnering again with Raymond Pettibon, David Zwirner Gallery, and MoMA Design Store to explore the artist’s baseball-themed works to release two new limited editions: No Title (The raised hands…), 2013, and No Title (Boston Brave), 2017. Through these visuals, viewers witness Pettibon’s ability to narrow motion down to a single moment frozen in time.

Raymond Pettibon’s (b. 1957) influential oeuvre engages a wide spectrum of American iconography variously pulled from literature, art history, philosophy, religion, politics, sports, and alternative youth culture, among other sources. Intermixing image and text, his drawings engage the visual rhetoric of pop and commercial culture while incorporating language from mass media as well as classic texts by writers such as William Blake, Marcel Proust, and Walt Whitman. Through his exploration of the visual and critical potential of drawing, Pettibon’s practice harkens back to the traditions of satire and social critique in the work of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century artists and caricaturists such as William Hogarth, Gustave Doré, and Honoré Daumier, while reinforcing the importance of the medium within contemporary art and culture today.

Through our collaborations with Raymond Pettibon, we aim to raise $50,000 to fund the construction of Skateistan’s Skate School in Bamyan, Afghanistan.

Supported Social Project

Building a skatepark in Bamyan

Project by Skateistan

📍 Bamyan, Afghanistan