The Changing Faces of Cindy SHERMAN

Reconnecting with the artist for a second skate art collection 

Cindy SHERMAN is the master of disguise. Her previous collection with THE SKATEROOM was proof of that, showcasing two of her many transformations.

It would be a shame to stop at just one collaboration, so we are back for a highly-anticipated round two. Presenting you the brand new Cindy SHERMAN collection, unveiled exclusively at Art Basel and now available worldwide. 

A Cinematic Experience

The untitled stills are some of the artist’s most recognizable works, often serving as a commentary on the lives of women and their depictions in popular culture. Each of the skate art editions invites the viewer into a fantastical world, as if captured straight from the big screen. In the center are characters of varying appearances and expressions, all commemorated in a specific scene which, despite its stillness, manages to convey a filmic dynamism.

For half a century, SHERMAN has been shape-shifting like a chameleon, telling stories and expressing emotions with unmatched creativity and style. This reimagined selection of works, presented across two solo decks and two triptychs, is a testament to her vision and continuous impact. 

Packshot of Cindy Sherman art edition on skate deck Untitled 71
Packshot of Cindy Sherman art edition on skate deck Untitled 174

Speaking of impact…

This drop, along with all of our collections, is directly supporting underprivileged youths worldwide with 10% of sales. For ten years, we have been funding skatepark constructions, educational facilities, skill-building workshops and social initiatives, bringing the power of skateboarding and community to those who need it most. We have already donated over $1,650,000 in funding and, with your help, we can keep this number growing. So shop now and create change. Every purchase matters. 

“Considering what’s happening to the innocents of the world, it’s so great to know that THE SKATEROOM helps foster education & empowerment to the young people who need it most." — Cindy Sherman, May 2024