A Unique Collaboration

Jules DE BALINCOURT is known internationally for colorful, radiant paintings that meditate on the social, political, and cultural dynamics of an increasingly globalized world. Shifting from a broader sociological view of borders, territories, and nation-states in his map paintings, the artist’s psychological landscapes bring us closer to humanity’s troubled relationships to natural and urban settings. Dissolving the boundaries between individuals and their environments reveals tensions created by privilege, geographic mobility, and labor. The artist’s social commentary is present even in the most luxuriant, fantastical settings that speak to urgent realities of contemporary life.

THE SKATEROOM is proud to unveil four hand-signed limited edition artworks from artist Jules DE BALINCOURT, and one unique ORIGINAL ARTWORK, created using a skateboard as its canvas. In his first collaboration with THE SKATEROOM, Jules DE BALINCOURT releases a collection as part of 2022’s Brussels Gallery Weekend event at THE SKATEROOM GALLERY on September 8th.

As ever, 10% of all revenue from the collection goes directly to creating lasting, social change in the lives of at-risk youth. In this case, Jules DE BALINCOURT has teamed up with 7Hills, a social skate project working out of Amman, Jordan, empowering the diverse community of children and young-adults through skateboarding, arts and crafts programs.

Supported Social Project

A safe skate-haven for children in Jordan.

Project by 7Hills

📍 Amman, Jordan