Visions of Robert INDIANA’s America

Two new editions from the unforgettable artist

Perhaps most well known for his iconic LOVE artworks (which we
reproduced last year as skate art editions), Robert INDIANA was a keen observer of American society and a skilled visual commentator whose artworks reveal powerful and universal messages beyond their eye-catching graphics and pop imagery. Nothing represents this better than his American Dream series.

USA 666 & the New Glory Banner

First up is the USA 666 solo edition, depicting an image which resembles a railroad crossing sign alerting us of the dangers associated with life itself. INDIANA identified this as a major symbol of the landscape of his childhood the American road/Route 66. The meaning becomes even more layered when seen in relation to his father, for whom the number “6” was of special significance. Covered throughout with bright yellow hues and scattered words, the edition is a brilliant social and personal allegory.

The launch is further complemented by the New Glory Banner solo edition - INDIANA’S reworking of the American flag. In changing the structure and design of the banner, he shined a light on his country’s imperialism and involvement in conflict. As with all of our Robert INDIANA editions, their message remains timeless, inviting audiences to take another look at the reality around them.

Inspiring Change

Taking a page from Robert INDIANA’s book, we seek to create art that matters beyond just its visual appeal. This is why we donate 10% of sales to underprivileged communities worldwide, funding social projects, skateparks, skill-building workshops and educational facilities. We’ve already donated over $1,650,000 in funding. With your help, we can make this number grow.