TSR Weekly Round-up: SEPT 6TH, 2021

Roll-up, roll-up! It’s time for another Weekly Round-up. We’ve got a lot on this week, with preparations well underway for our Brussels Gallery Weekend opening with artist Robin Rhode (You’re invited!) on Thursday, but we always have time to keep an eye on the art and social skate worlds to see what’s new and worth telling you about. So without further ado...

La Rampa is a place for kids to be themselves. We built it together

An interview with Arissa Moreno, Concrete Jungle Foundation Peru

Last week, La Rampa opened. A safe space for young people to come and feel at home, to learn skills and to meet friends from all over the city, the skatepark was flooded by locals of Trujillo. We were there, we saw the build (by our partners at Concrete Jungle Foundation), and we saw the joy on the faces of the kids who got to ride it. Oh, and we got a chance to speak with the local manager of CJF Peru, Arissa Moreno, about how this all came to be. Read Story

Let the show begin, Robin Rhode has arrived in Brussels

Don’t miss our Brussels Gallery Weekend exhibition with the artist himself

Three is the magic number. In this, our third collaboration with Robin Rhode, we once again unite the artist with award-winning international organization Skateistan under THE SKATEROOM’s social entrepreneurship model. As part of Brussels Gallery Weekend, we will welcome Robin to our TSR Van Eyck gallery to unveil his exclusive new collection. Find out more

Skateboarding is creative. It’s time to let it flourish

An interview with professional photographer and journalist, Hannah Bailey

For over a decade, photographer, journalist, and unstoppable creative, Hannah Bailey has fired on all cylinders, elevating women’s skateboarding and shining the spotlight on more diverse perspectives in action sports. Hailing from Scotland, her work has taken her all over the world – from visiting Cambodia, Afghanistan and South Africa as Communications Manager for THE SKATEROOM partner NGO Skateistan; to reporting on the world’s biggest professional competitions. Read Story

The Essential Haring, Warhol & Basquiat bookshelf

The Essential bookshelf to accompany your THE SKATEROOM editions, of course

So you’ve hung your beautiful Basquiat or Warhol editions by THE SKATEROOM (or if you haven’t, then why not?), you’ve been a part of true change via our social entrepreneurship model, and now you want to read a bit more about these legendary artists. Well, thanks to this great list of essential titles by Richard Polsky at Artnet, you can now line your bookcase and brain with that valuable insider-knowledge. Check it out

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