Understanding Skateboard Art Editions

A Friendly Guide For New Collectors

So you’re into skate art. First of all - great taste. Second of all - you might be browsing through our many editions right now and wondering where to start. Should you go with an open edition, a new limited drop, or maybe invest in a hand-signed original artwork?

We know adding new artworks into your beloved interior is an important decision, and so we made things simpler with this short and helpful guide.

What is an art edition?

Before we get into specifics, let’s start at the beginning. What even is an art edition?

Editions are highly collectible artwork reproductions made in direct collaboration with renowned artists and/or their estates. Thanks to this, you can more easily purchase pieces by some of the biggest names in the art world, at a much lower price than their traditional art. But that’s not the only benefit - in our case, purchasing art editions also creates a positive global impact. THE SKATEROOM dedicates 10% of all sales to underprivileged youth communities, funding skateparks, skill-building workshops and community initiatives around the world. We also make all of our art on skateboards which - let’s be honest - makes it objectively cooler than your average wall decor.

Editions are available at different levels of rarity, which is what makes them so special. Sounds interesting? Let’s explore the different edition types you could go for.

Open Editions

We work closely with legendary artist estates, taking masterpieces by icons such as Andy WARHOL, Jean-Michel BASQUIAT or Keith HARING, and transforming them into skate art. Many of these printed editions are labeled as “open”, which means they are available in indefinite quantities for an unlimited period of time (for the duration of the license). If you ever fancied owning your very own Warhol, this is definitely a more accessible alternative.


Limited Editions

Limited Editions are printed editions which are limited by number. Only a specific amount is produced so, once it’s gone, it’s gone. Purchasing a limited edition makes you one of a very select group to own this specific artwork. It’s a truly special addition to any personal collection.


Time-Limited Editions

These drops are limited not by amount, but by time. Time-limited editions are released in unlimited numbers, but only for a set period. This means that, once that window closes, the editions in question will no longer be available for purchase. It’s the more sustainable option as we produce only the quantities which were ordered, all while keeping editions as affordable as possible. Every edition is numbered, so you can be one of its certified first few owners.


Original Artwork

Finally, we’ve got the true rarities. Original Artworks are unique and usually hand-made directly by the artist. Often hand-signed, these artworks come at a significantly higher price point and collectible value.


How to find out about upcoming collections?

You don’t want to miss out on new launches, especially if they are limited. Newsletters subscribers get notified first about upcoming new drops, promo codes, events and artist exclusives. You can also follow us on Instagram for art, skate and social impact updates, straight into your feed.