This Collection Is Meant To Provoke You

Presenting Tom of Finland By THE SKATEROOM

 It is impossible to come face-to-face with an artwork by Tom of Finland (1920-1991) and not be affected. Whether it’s awe, intrigue, outrage or amusement, such an encounter is bound to elicit a reaction. 

The Finnish artist knew exactly what he was doing when producing his sexually explicit drawings, capturing the male form in a plethora of scenarios, ranging from gently suggestive to graphically erotic. 

But his plan wasn’t to stir controversy for controversy’s sake. Rather, it was to create a new lens through which gay men could see themselves and feel empowered in who they are. To celebrate their love, pride and freedom, and to inspire the heterosexual world to do the same. 

Three decades after Tom of Finland’s passing, this impact still resonates across the world. His artworks call on us to unite, question the status quo and pursue equality - ideally, as he did, with a dose of humor and a whole lot of passion. 

From Finland to Los Angeles

Born Touko Laaksonen in Finland, Tom explored his sexuality as a lieutenant in World War II, often engaging in relationships with his fellow soldiers. After the war had ended, he faced many difficulties in trying to find his place as a homosexual man in civilian society. It was then that he took it upon himself to change this reality through art - for himself and for all other gay men who ever felt shamed and excluded. 

After arriving in Los Angeles, Tom was welcomed by hundreds of young men who saw in him a hero. His work made them feel loved, confident and proud. What followed was a prolific decade of art and impact, which has since been continued through the devoted work of Durk Dehner and their Tom of Finland Foundation. 

Radical Art on Skateboards

Tom of Finland was a renegade who refused to accept the norm. It is only right that we showcase his works on skateboard art editions, in celebration of the Foundation’s 40th anniversary. 

The collection features three classic works, showcased across a triptych and two solos. They were each originally created in a different technique, highlighting Tom’s versatility and ingenuity as an artist. The collaboration is a tribute to his unparalleled craft and the legacy of continuing change which he left behind.  

We are proud to collaborate with Tom of Finland Foundation and to donate 10% of all sales to social skate projects and underprivileged communities worldwide.