The Life And Art Of Mr. Wash

In many ways, the story of Fulton Leroy Washington sounds like the plot of a movie. A man, wrongfully convicted for a non-violent drug offense, serves a life sentence in prison, pouring the pain and injustice of his predicament into a series of masterful paintings. Unfortunately, nothing about this reality is fictional, with Washington being just one of the victims of a catastrophically broken system. 

Upon being granted clemency by Barack Obama after twenty-one years of incarceration, Mr.Wash was  able to retrieve his freedom and to bring his art out into the open. His series, “Incaptivity”, showcases emotional portraits of felons and cultural figures, their strong, pensive faces often embellished with tears. The work is a powerful commentary on the urgency of a criminal justice reform, shining a light on those held captive for crimes they did not commit. 

Recently, THE SKATEROOM had the honor of creating a limited number of skate art editions for Mr.Wash’s opening at the Jeffrey Deitch gallery in Los Angeles. The editions are now available to both admire and purchase directly in our online store. 

“Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset”

Created especially for the exhibition: ‘Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset’, the limited collection features two powerful editions. 

The solo deck, ‘DETERIORATING’, is a self portrait of the artist as he gazes out into the distance with an expression that is both thoughtful and strong. The surface of his forehead cracks to reveal an outline of the United States, with colorful imagery of the “home soil” revealing themselves from inside his mind. 

The accompanying triptych, ‘THIS IS NOT JUSTICE’, showcases a man taking a phone call in prison. He is handcuffed, dressed in uniform, with an impenetrable expression. Only the tears streaming down his cheeks let us in on the pain and longing he is experiencing inside. 

10% For Social Change

The life and art of Mr. Wash are symbols of hope, courage and change. We want to amplify his admirable impact and dedicate 10% of all collection sales to social skate projects worldwide. For ten years now, THE SKATEROOM has been funding skatepark constructions, community initiatives, workshops and educational projects which change the realities of underprivileged youth.