This Is Not Art - Introducing A Time-Limited Collection By Olaolu Slawn

THE SKATEROOM presents a brand new collection of time-limited editions and original artworks in collaboration with the one and only Slawn. 

Although the Nigerian creator refuses to refer to himself as an artist, the work he produces is a multi-disciplinary feat of creativity, spanning painting, sculpture, fashion and even coffee. It seems that anything Slawn envisions, he is able to make happen, with skateboard art editions being the newest addition to his impressive oeuvre

Nigeria’s Original Skater

At merely 15 years old, Slawn became the creative director of Wafflesncream, shaping Lagos’ skate and art community as one of its pioneers. What followed was a move to London and widespread cultural acclaim, fueled by a disruptive attitude and out-of-the-box concepts. Before long, Slawn built a name for himself as the enfant terrible of the art world, rebelling against industry standards and forging a path that’s entirely his own. 

Slawn’s legacy so far is living proof that art and skate are one and the same. His vision for each artwork is that of a skater: daring, culturally attuned and unafraid to leave a mark. For his collection with THE SKATEROOM, he channeled this vision into a limited solo edition, triptych and six unique original artworks, spray-painted and hand-signed in his London studio. 

The Impact of Skateboarding

As with all collections from THE SKATEROOM, 10% of all sales will go towards social skate projects and NGOs worldwide. Over the past decade, we have donated over $1,650,000 to underprivileged communities, funding skatepark constructions, educational workshops and skill building initiatives. 

One of such projects is the recently-opened waf. skatepark in Lagos, built in partnerships with Wonders Around The World and Slawn’s alma mater Wafflesncream. We are proud to support projects which are so personally linked to the stories of the artists we work with.