Cartoons, Pop-Culture and Matters of the Heart

Presenting The Roy Lichtenstein Open Editions

Alongside Andy WARHOL, another legendary artist famously challenged everyday imagery and American popular aesthetics. He took elements of the mundane and monumentalized them into icons, creating works which remain as current today as they were back in the 1960’s. This figure was one of the originators of Pop-art - Roy LICHTENSTEIN.

All Art Is Based on Other Art

In the late 1950’s LICHTENSTEIN was exploring the  Abstract Expressionist style, the dominant painting form in the United States at the time, but in 1961 he began to strip down the components of expressionsim and incorporated cartoon characters,   helping to create an entirely new movement known as Pop art. He reproduced the iconography of newspapers and consumer products, often in satirical and exaggerated formats. Some of his most  iconic imagery was inspired by the aesthetic and contents of comic books, including the use of Ben-Day dots. Initially, he took themes of romance, war, gender roles and everyday commercial advertisements,  organizing  them into, concise narratives which challenged popular modes of representation and notions of "high art". 

In our collaboration, we reproduced these early phenomenal works as open editions. Two triptychs and three solos, each presenting a renowned masterpiece of the late artist. Sometimes emotional, often funny or imbued with a sense of irony and always memorable - these pieces are a timeless collectible for any modern art fan. 

Drowning Girl skate decks by Roy Lichtenstein and THE SKATEROOM lying on a concrete floor
"Varoom" skate decks by Roy Lichtenstein and THE SKATEROOM in a design apartment

10% For Social Change

Our editions are not only premium and aesthetically pleasing, but also socially engaged. 10% of all collection sales goes towards social skate projects around the world. We help build skateparks, communities and life-skills. All with your support.