Through The Gaze Of Mickalene THOMAS

Introducing New Editions From The American Visionary 

Mickalene Thomas is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist whose work has yielded instantly recognizable and widely celebrated aesthetic languages within contemporary visual culture. She is known for her elaborate portraits of Black women composed of rhinestones, acrylic, and enamel. Not only do her masterful mixed-media paintings, photographs, films and installations command space, they occupy eloquently while dissecting the intersecting complexities of black and female identity within the Western canon.

A Picture Of Power

The artist’s most frequent subject is Women of Color. They face the viewer confidently, with heroic authority and natural beauty. These are figures unafraid to express desire and assert their power proudly taking up space with their wisdom, sexuality, courage and undeniable glamour. 

For 20 years, THOMAS has been celebrating the Black female gaze. Her practice explores femininity, race, culture, sexuality and beauty, through artworks which empower and offer new avenues for representation.

Representation of Self

In her brand new collection with THE SKATEROOM, THOMAS combines her inspiring messaging with aesthetic elements derived from her own childhood. Decorative patterns from her past adorn both the triptychs and the solo editions, creating a ceremonious frame around the central female figures.

Although stylistically varied, each of the three depicted women exudes a bold, regal quality, looking directly at the audience with an assured expression. We couldn’t be prouder to have lent a canvas to Mickalene THOMAS’s gaze. 

pack shot of mickalene thomas color flower pattern skate edition detail

10% For Social Change

Our collection with Mickalene THOMAS is empowering already, but wait until you find out that 10% from all sales goes towards social skate projects worldwide. With your help we are funding skatepark constructions, community initiatives and educational facilities for underprivileged youth worldwide. One skate edition changes lives. Are you in?