Mark GONZALES' extremely-limited skateboard art collection 'Ready To Articulate'

Unveiled in conjunction with Mark Gonzales’ solo exhibition Ready To Articulate at HVW8 Gallery in Los Angeles, the new collection features 3 ‘extremely-limited’ artworks across 150 skateboard editions – in aid of 7Hills in Jordan.

Launching on our website on Feb 24 - 3pm CET - 9am EST

‘The most influential skateboarder of all time’

You know the drill by now, THE SKATEROOM unites the world’s most influential artists with social skate projects around the world. But in this, our inaugural collaboration with Mark Gonzales, the artist in question also happens to be ‘the most influential skateboarder of all time.’ (Transworld, 2011)
“Concurrent with his legendary skateboarding career, Gonz has also established himself as a contemporary artist, whose spontaneous and avant-garde visual expressions have been seen in galleries worldwide, used in Calvin Klein campaigns and served as graphics for his skateboard company – Krooked Skateboards.”Rolling Stone
Mark Gonzales has not only sculpted skateboarding into the internationally revered subculture it is today, but his paintings have been featured in galleries across the world, in collaborations with the likes of Tom Sachs, Harmony Korine and Spike Jonze.
“When it comes down to it, Mark operates in his own world, and you either get it or you don’t. The ones that get it can just sit back, appreciate his genius, and let the influence continue for another 30 years.”TheBoardr
Mark Gonzales skateboard art

Extremely limited & hand touched Skateboard Editions.

This exclusive collection features 3 artworks by Mark Gonzales, produced across 150 beautiful skateboard editions (50 of each). Unveiled at HVW8 Gallery Los Angeles in conjunction with Mark’s exhibition Ready to Articulate (19th Feb – 3rd Apr), you can purchase these editions in person or from the gallery’s website at Meanwhile, we’re releasing an ‘extremely limited’ selection of those ‘unique’ pieces on 24th February. That’s just 10 editions of each artwork, each one altered directly by the artistic hand of Mark Gonzales. The countdown to the launch begins now. And once they’re gone, they’re gone.

A safe skate-haven for children in Jordan.

7Hills is an organization based in Amman, Jordan, which empowers local youth through skateboarding and education. Jordan hosts a multitude of refugees from neighboring countries. Today, there are 57 nationalities present in Jordan. Although more than 70% of the population in Amman is younger than 30, there is an immense lack of public spaces and free recreational outlets available for the youth in the city of Amman. Safe spaces that are also child-friendly are almost entirely inaccessible to refugees and those living in economically disadvantaged circumstances.
7Hills Skateboard Project Shot: Thomas van Diest
7Hills began its operations in Jordan back in 2014 with the build of a public skatepark and in 2016 launched regular programs to teach children skateboarding. Today, with the support of this new Mark Gonzales collection, 7Hills is able to offer artistic, educational and vocational workshops as part of its Al Raseef “makerspace” for children of all ages, ethnicities and genders. Just under 50% of the young people they work with identify as female.
“​​Al Raseef means ‘Sidewalk’ in Arabic and is located right in front of the entrance of the 7Hills skatepark. The creative hub fosters experimentation with “making” and “creating” in ways that connect “the public space” with “the private space” in an open and constant discussion.” – 7Hills
10% of the revenue from all THE SKATEROOM collections go directly towards social skateboarding projects. The funds generated from this Mark Gonzales collection will fund 7Hills’ programs in Jordan. Come a little closer @theskateroom