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Mark Gonzales’ skateboarding, personality and artwork has helped sculpt skateboarding into the internationally revered subculture it is today. Not only is he one of its most influential professional athletes, but his paintings have been featured in galleries across the world. Plus, his signature characters have appeared in collaborations with the likes of Tom Sachs, Harmony Korine and Spike Jonze. 

People love “The Gonz” so much, an art show was once curated out of the contents of his storage unit. A used toothbrush sold for $20. Gonz can skate, he can paint, and he can act, but when Mark is burnt out on those activities, his poetry books become a collector’s item the day they hit the shelves. When it comes down to it, Mark operates in his own world, and you either get it or you don’t. The ones that get it can just sit back, appreciate his genius, and let the influence continue for another 30 years.



Supported Social Project

A safe skate-haven for children in Jordan.

Project by 7Hills

Amman, Jordan

Seven Hills - kids in Jordan
copyright: 7Hills

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