Our Collaboration

This collaboration with Tobias SPICHTIG was launched on April 27, 2022 at THE SKATEROOM GALLERY in Brussels and is now available for viewing until June 8, 2022 by appointment.

Marc LESCHELIER (1984) is working between the field of sculpture and architecture, he is building pavilions and architectural artifacts in experimental conditions. Marc lives, works and teaches architecture in Paris. His work explores directness in the construction process and the idea of non-functional architecture. Starting from a refutation of construction as a rational enterprise, the work reduces its domain to an elementary, instinctive and irrational approach.

This new collaboration is launched to raise support for a new skatepark build in Tameslouht, Morocco, constructed by our partners Concrete Jungle Foundation, in association with Centre Fiers et Forts. All original works will be available for sale at the event on April 27th, and afterwards on theskateroom.com, with 20% of revenue going towards the project in Morocco.

“What I like in the world of skateboarding is the extreme fetishism of brands and the aesthetics that surround the hardware that kids will destroy in the streets. It is a kind of consumerist pleasure that evolves into a desire for destruction.” –  Marc LESCHELIER

Marc LESCHELIER - portrait picture

Supported Social Project

A skatepark for at-risk youth outside Marrakech

Project by Concrete Jungle Foundation

Tameslouht, Morocco

Tameslouht Skatepark