Our collaboration

JR is the pseudonym of a French artist and photographer. Though very much a public figure and easily one of the world’s most recognizable artists today, JR’s elusive identity remains a mystery to all. The works presented for this collaboration are a selection of the artist’s different projects.

The legends say that JR began his career as a young graffiti artist tagging the urban landscapes of Paris, until he found a camera on the metro. The discovery would be a catalyst to JR’s newfound passion for photography and his unique style of street art – the fusion of photography and graffiti.

Through our first collaboration with JR, we supported two social projects located in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro: JR’s community center, Casa Amarela, and the construction of a skatepark with Coletivo Skate Maré. The collaboration also created ties between both Brazilian projects.

In our second collaboration, we will continue to nurture that relationship by supporting monthly skateboarding activities at Casa Amarela, among other regular activities!

JR collaboration - THE SKATEROOM Editions

Supported Social Project

Creative after-school classes for youth of Favela

Project by Casa Amarela

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

CasaAmarela project