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Edward HOPPER was a keen observer of the everyday, which he transformed through his imagination into works of art that bear his signature tense, enigmatic atmospheres. A reflective and individualistic man, he was deeply attuned to the relationship of the self to the world, and his works increasingly focused on the psychological realities of his subjects. Hopper was frequently inspired by the two locations in which he spent most of his time: downtown New York, where he lived and worked in the same apartment on Washington Square from 1913 until his death in 1967; and Cape Cod, where since 1934 he maintained a second home and studio.

THE SKATEROOM’s first engagement with of the works of Edward HOPPER – and in celebration of the exhibition Edward Hopper’s New York at the Whitney Museum of American Art – we are happy to present three skateboard artworks, rendered a trio of HOPPER’s iconic paintings: City Roofs, Early Sunday Morning and Manhattan Bridge. 10% of all revenue from this collection goes towards funding the incredible Cuba Skate non profit and their recycled-plastic skatepark project.

Edward Hopper - New_York_artist

Supported Social Project

The world’s first recycled plastic skatepark

Project by Cuba Skate

Havana, Cuba

Cuba Skate