Whether he’s sharpening pencils for 35 hours, creating the IBK kit production structure, seizing on the working-class and militant history of the city of Besançon, reassessing the utopias of modern architecture or deploying a sculptural body of work marked by a construction site aesthetic, Benjamin Sabatier recurrently questions the concept of work, which functions as a yardstick in an approach that seeks above all to inscribe art in a broader socio-economic context.

His artistic vocabulary is made up of raw and accessible materials – brick, concrete, DIY utensils, cardboard, tape, etc. – which he manipulates within the framework of legible manufacturing processes, evacuating all reference to the heroic gesture of the sculptor in favor of a certain literalness that reveals at first glance how the work functions. This “fulgurance”, which is nonetheless polysemous, makes it easy for anyone to reproduce.

Artist portrait of Benjamin SABATIER

Benjamin SABATIER’s limited collection with THE SKATEROOM manifests clearly the critical issue between the concrete material, tertiary activity and the practice of skateboarding. The artist used concrete to produce skateboard art decks which humorously reconsider questions of social utopias and the failures of modernity, which are often present in his work.

Benjamin SABATIER artist displays concrete skateboard

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Two men repairing a skatepark for the concrete jungle foundation