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About the Project

Empowering refugees in Athens through skateboarding

Free Movement Skateboarding is an international organization which offers skateboarding lessons to the local community in Athens and in refugee camps around the city. They offer daily sessions, including educational programs, creative workshops and girls-only sessions. Specializing in offering activities for kids that are suffering from childhood trauma, Free Movement creates safe environments to tackle mental health issues as well as simply offering opportunities to play and integrate socially with others. They partner with local NGOs working with youth in order to have a bigger reach.

About Free Movement:

  • 60 participants weekly (250 before COVID)
  • 97% refugees
  • 23 ethnicities in student body
  • 40% girls

A short video about how Free Movement Skateboarding sessions are impacting the refugee children in the city.

Participating Editions

You can support this project by purchasing these skateboard editions – we commit 10% of our revenue to fund social projects.

Thanks to Jessica Silverman Gallery for making this collaboration possible.