Constructing a skatepark in the village of Mongu

We Skate Mongu is an organization dedicated to the promotion and development of skateboarding in the village of Mongu, in Zambia’s Western Provinces. In a country where “development is selective”, in the words of WSM’s founder Johnny K., places like Mongu don’t get the support they need when it comes to, among other things, encouraging recreational and sports activities for young people. Working with organizations Wonders Around the World and Skate World Better, plans were created for a skatepark in Mongu which would allow WSM’s community to learn and socialize in a safe and fun environment. A 600m2 concrete park was built in 2021, which incorporated both street and bowl aspects which accommodated many styles of skating. Today, the park welcomes 300+ kids every day and is the country’s biggest skateboarding community. THE SKATEROOM funded this project with a dedicated campaign grant of $9,000 in 2021. Read the full story