Building a skatepark in rural India

The Rural Changemakers organization has operated in Janwaar since 2014, introducing skateboarding to the local youth and creating opportunities for self-expression and empowerment. Through our support, they were able to build a skatepark in the village with the help of the local community and international volunteers. The story of Janwaar Castle has inspired many people in India to think about skateboarding as a tool for change. Using skates to drive fundamental social, cultural and economic change. The Rural Changemakers provides educational and community workshops for the village daily, and have since aided 5 local kids to go on to study in Delhi and bring back their learning to the children of the village. These youngsters have now launched their own organization, The Barefoot Skateboarders, which is a source of inspiration for the younger children. About Janwaar Castle Skatepark:
  • 125 local children attending
  • 100 people helped during COVID-19 with essential needs