Developing a skatepark for local youth in Mexico’s surfer paradise

In July 2020, the concrete flowed onto the ground in Mazunte, Mexico, as Wonders Around The World, alongside local partner MazunteSk8, began constructing a skatepark for the youth in one of Mexico’s surfer paradises. Though this area is a popular destination for tourists, young people in the Oaxaca region have little in the way of opportunities to improve their mental and physical wellbeing, and keep away from drugs and alcohol.

By working closely with the artist Jeff Koons, THE SKATEROOM created a collection which would fund the further development and completion of the MazunteSk8 park, and help develop programs for participants to learn skateboarding and life skills, becoming role models for the next generation of Oaxaca youth.

(Photos by Israel Castillo & @boresbodi)