The Freedom Skatepark project

Concrete Jungle Foundation is an international non-profit organization that uses skateboarding as a tool to stimulate positive personal and community development for underprivileged youth around the world. They coordinate the construction of new skateparks, the provision of skateboarding and safety equipment, and the organization and implementation of locally run programs focused on life-skills and empowerment. Located just outside Kingston in Eight Mile Bull Bay, the 1,300m2 Freedom Skatepark is the largest skatepark in Jamaica and the first and only in the capital region. Designed to cater to all skill levels, the park includes an on-site youth center and communal garden. Built under the direction of Concrete Jungle Foundation in early 2020 by some 40 international and local volunteers, the park runs their signature Edu-Skate programme and loans skateboards to its users.

About Freedom Skatepark:

  • 170+ students registered for educational program with average age 11 years old and 30% girls
  • 375+ users for get-on-board program with average age 13 years old and 34% girls
  • 2700+ skateboards loaned
  • 50 attendees at homework program
  • 6 interns and 10 people employed

Our Commitment to Concrete Jungle Foundation

This project is part of an ongoing and unrestricted funding commitment to Concrete Jungle Foundation. Through this specific campaign we gifted $51,000 for the skatepark built. We have sealed a formal 1-year partnership committing to support the Concrete Jungle Foundation with an additional $30,000 for 2021. We have raised $96,000 to date for the organization.