Building Pakistan’s First Skatepark

Salad Days of Skateboarding support blossoming skate communities with infrastructure, equipment and mentorship in the most underserved regions of the world. Partnerring with the local club Skate Pakistan, and with the support of skatepark construction pro’s Wonders Around the World, Pakistan’s first skatepark will be complete in 2023. Skate Pakistan is a local community club dedicated to improving the physical, social, and emotional wellbeing of Pakistan’s youth. Lacking a permanent structure to host their mentorship and skateboarding programs, Skate Pakistan are active in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Beyond kickflips, they provide guidance on developmental programs and inclusive approaches to local skate crews to show how skateboarding can be a tool for social cohesion. Facing one the world’s highest gender pay gaps, and high rates of illiteracy, the youth of Pakistan face many barriers to equality and economic stability. Recreational activities are often overlooked in situations of hardship, however the outcomes of a skatepark in a community can invigorate personal enrichment and investment in public spaces. A skatepark with a free board lending program not only provides free access to recreation but the non-competitive nature of skating creates opportunities to break social barriers between people. Bringing skateboarding off the streets and to a safe, supervised facility with gender inclusive programming allows girls to have a sense of belonging in a context where they often come second. Construction is set to begin in Lahore, the country's second largest city, in February 2023. This skatepark is a collaborative effort of skateboarding non-profits Salad Days of Skateboarding, Wonders Around the World, and Skate Pakistan. Impact in numbers
  • 750 m2 skatepark build
  • 2 youth mentorship programs
  • 1 skateboarding curriculum + weekly girls sessions
Challenges in Pakistan
  • 34% gender pay gap
  • Child labor widely accepted
  • 54% of the population under age 19
  • 6 million internally displaced persons