Bangladesh’s first public skatepark

There are 600,000 children living and working on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, alone. Bangladesh Street Kids Aid (BKSA) seeks to help as many of these kids as possible by providing skateboarding lessons, basic education, drug awareness, and medical assistance. BKSA operates a capacity building program which focuses on employment, female empowerment, mental & physical health and community building. THE SKATEROOM are proud to fund these workshops, as part of our commitment to helping our partners scale-up.

About BSKA’s activities in Dhaka:

  • Their programs include: literacy classes, access to healthcare & hygiene basic needs, support & access for schooling, drug awareness
  • They give a home with a capacity of 20 kids full-time
  • They reach an additional 30-40 children and oftentimes their single mothers living on the streets with their street outreach programs
Way out in the middle of nature, in the Bhawal National Forest of Gazipur, now lies the first public skatepark of Bangladesh! Built in the village of Gazipur, just 30km from Dhaka, BKSA’s 650m2 skatepark offers a space for children to enjoy themselves, as well as get support to deal with trauma, drug addiction, mental health, and behavioral issues.

About Gazipur's Skatepark:

  • 70 kids per week
  • 4 full-time employees

Our commitment to BKSA:

THE SKATEROOM funded this project with a dedicated campaign grant of $15,000 in 2021. 20% of this funding is donated to consultancy support from The Goodpush Alliance accompanying the organization in their scale-up journey.