A new skatepark for Timor-Leste

Timor Skate’s mission is to use skateboarding as a tool for empowerment, connection, and growth for the youth of Timor Leste. Working in partnership with the local Ba Futuru community development center, a new 530m2 skatepark will be built to expand their recreational spaces. In the local Tetun language, Ba Futuru translates to “for the future”, referencing their innovative approaches of arts and sports to engage with the youth of TImor Leste. The organization provides youth development and violence prevention programming, while supporting victims of domestic abuse and families in economic hardship. Timor Leste has faced decades of conflict, leaving the island in economic turmoil. Centuries of colonial rule and occupation until 2002 have left long-lasting, devastating effects on the country’s development, especially in educational and community infrastructure. Not only will the Dili skatepark facilitate access for local youth to benefit from the services of Ba Futuru, but will give local youth a sense of ownership and pride for a space dedicated especially for them. Development of the skatepark has already provided valuable collaborative opportunities for young adults during the design process and construction phase. The addition of different recreational areas will also be a place for the wider community to come together, and encourage diverse use of the space for people from all walks of life. Local involvement and collaboration, regardless of experience or expertise, has been a top priority for Timor Skate in the preparation of the skatepark. With the support of THE SKATEROOM, this skatepark and recreational space will be a haven for youth to play freely and flourish.

Timor Skate Impact in numbers

700m2 land donated 54% of attendee under age 19 2 mentorship programs

Social change

Educational Support programming Youth empowerment Violence prevention programming Job preparedness classes More information on Timor Skate Website