THE SKATEROOM @ Pushing Boarders

When our CEO and Founder, Charles-Antoine Bodson, first met Oliver Percovich, he contributed $50,000 to fund the construction of Skateistan’s Skate School in Cambodia. Since then, THE SKATEROOM has dedicated itself to funding similar social projects that empower underprivileged children through skateboarding and education.

The reason why we use skateboards as the medium to create art editions is strongly linked to THE SKATEROOM’s history. Skateboards make for an ideal canvas because they are affordable, mobile, and usable. They were both the starting point in terms of what we were supporting, and the answer to how we were going to support it. At the same time, skateboards also represent freedom and have the power to break social barriers. They develop perseverance and inspire self-development. They overcome difference to build communities.

Skateboards embody the core idea that drives THE SKATEROOM forward – Art of Social Impact. Since 2014, THE SKATEROOM has donated over $500,000 to fund 29 social projects, affecting the lives of thousands through skateboarding and education.

We are participating at this year’s Pushing Boarders in Malmö, Sweden, where Charles will introduce the Globally Stoked: Grass-Roots Skateboarding panel on August 15th. The panel will be hosting Skateistan, Skatepal, Girl Skate India, Concrete Jungle Foundation, and Free Movement Skateboarding.

We are humbled to be a part of this conversation and look forward to engaging with members of the skateboarding scene from around the globe, and to find out how skate scenes can be developed in a sustainable way with the communities’ needs at heart.

Thank you and see you in Malmö!