THE SKATEROOM celebrates being a B Corp

Greater purpose. Bolder vision. Real accountability.

#BCorp means higher standards and deeper values towards a #BetterBusiness.

This month, THE SKATEROOM joins a global community of almost 4,000 businesses to celebrate the spirit and relevance of #BCorpMonth, sharing our understanding of what makes a successful Certified B Corporation™.

#BCorp keeps us alert, goal-driven, and wanting to improve ourselves on every level.

Here are some of the key points and practices we adhere to:

  • Focusing not just on the outcome -and results created by our work- but on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind every action;
  • Creating core values that are embedded in our business;
  • Being accountable and responsible at the same time;
  • Putting humanity and welfare before profit and greed;
  • Collaborating together instead of competing against each other;
  • Setting the highest standards and constantly evolving in order to meet them;
  • Making sure our planet, society and communities are impacted by business positively;
  • Creating inclusive and sustainable economies where anyone who works for, buys from or invests in businesses like ours generates prosperity to be shared with everyone;

Being a Certified B Corporation allowed THE SKATEROOM to have a holistic performance assessment of our company’s practices. We’re obviously far from being perfect, but being #BCorp helps us assert our strengths while acknowledging some of our weaknesses.

Today, we are humble and ambitious enough to know that this journey is a long-lasting and rewarding one. In fact, one of our four collective bonus criteria is to improve our score by at least 5% each year.

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