The first public skatepark in Bangladesh

Some good news!

We are happy to share the news that we selected the non-profit Bangladesh Street Kids Aid to receive our $15,000 grant. With this grant, they are able to develop the country's very first public skatepark.

There are 600,000 children living and working on the streets of Dhaka. The social project seeks to help as many kids as possible by providing skateboarding lessons, basic education, drug awareness, and medical assistance. To help achieve this, our support includes a capacity building program in collaboration with our partner The Goodpush.

The program also has multiple indirect benefits for the local community such as: employment, female empowerment, mental & physical health and community building. Plenty of great reasons to support this amazing project from the Bangladesh Street Kids Aid and make an impact.

This new skatepark will be completed in a couple of weeks. We can not wait to see the final result and share it with you.

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Pictures made by Heidi Fachtan