Special Drop - Dissolving Barriers in Art and Society with Keith HARING

In tandem with the ongoing Keith Haring: Art is for Everybody exhibition, THE SKATEROOM has teamed up with The Broad to produce a special box set of four skateboard art editions, featuring some of the most renowned works by the groundbreaking artist. The collection pays homage to Keith Haring’s undying cultural impact and his commitment to activism, dissolving barriers and making art accessible for all.

Inspiring Change Through Art

The special full-dip editions are adorned with the artist's instantly recognizable linework and iconic characters such as the Barking Dog and the Three-Eyed Monster. They are not only visually striking thanks to their vibrant colors, but are also filled with messages of joy, unity and creativity which Haring often weaved through his artworks. The art decks are stored inside a bespoke box, custom-designed in Brussels. As one of the defining voices of contemporary art, Keith Haring continues to inspire and we are excited to use this inspiration for good. As with all collections by THE SKATEROOM, at least 10% of the profits from the revenue will go towards supporting social skate projects worldwide