Grant Applications Opening Soon - THE SKATEROOM’s Social Skate Project 2024

We’re proud to have generated over $1,640,000 in funding to support skatepark constructions, community building initiatives, skill-building workshops, education and healthcare programs, all through donating at least 10% of sales from each skateboard art collection to a chosen social partner. And we’re not stopping there! From November 3rd our doors will open for even more social skate projects to receive a funding grant between $10,000-$30,000 in the new year. Are you our next social partner?

First thing’s first - what is social skateboarding?

By “Social Skate Project”, we understand any non-governmental organization using skateboarding as a social tool for the empowerment of at-risk youth and integration of marginalized communities. Besides being as healthy as any other sport, social skate projects use skateboarding to teach life-related skills such as resilience, courage or teamwork. It can be implemented into specific programs combining skate lessons and reflection sessions.

Selection criteria - the candidate’s mission.

There are four key criteria we focus on when considering candidates. Gender Equity - Ensuring participation of girls and all gender expansive identities is a priority of each project through programming, initiatives, and staff representation. Inclusion of Minority Populations - Identified minorities will change depending on the political context and geography of each location. Social partners must strive to break any social barriers that may prevent any participants from accessing their programming. Social partners must demonstrate action based initiatives that target persons facing any kind of social exclusion to encourage them to participate in their programs. Economic Empowerment - Social partners need to ensure the sustainability and longevity of their projects by demonstrating local investment. Project Sustainability - Partners must demonstrate diversification of funding, short term and long term development goals, financial policy, and financial reserves. Investment in staff and capacity building is critical.

Does this sound like you? Apply now.

Are you a registered social skate charity/NGO responding to an existing need in your community? Applications will be open from 3rd of November until 31st of December 2023.