With LOVE This Holiday Season - Robert INDIANA’s Four-Letter Artwork As a Skateboard Collection

More Than a Christmas Card

INDIANA began painting the LOVE series in January 1965, experimenting with the four-lettered word and its many meanings, both personal and cultural. Later that same year, the MoMA famously selected one of the three paintings submitted by the artist for their annual Christmas Card. The chosen artwork in its Red, Blue and Green color hue became a timeless emblem recognized all year round, the world over. Since then, the image has been transformed into sculptures, campaign slogans, merchandise and, this time around, into skateboard art editions. THE SKATEROOM brings Robert INDIANA’s most representative piece to life again - this time with a contemporary twist for a new generation.

The Typography of LOVE

The letters are characteristically placed on skate decks made from Canadian maple wood in the artist’s trademarked typography - bold serif with the “O” slightly tilted. The triptychs are available in two classic colorways - red, blue and green (Love), and red, blue and white (Great American Love). The collection is available at the MoMA Design Store as well as THE SKATEROOM’s online shop. © Morgan Art Foundation, LLC. Licensed by Artestar, New York.

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