Five Big Names of Contemporary Art, One Legendary Night

Les Bains, Paris

The venue has been an iconic destination on the cultural map of Paris for over a century. Known first as the social hub for the city’s bohème, it evolved into an infamous nightclub favored by the avant-garde of the 1980’s. Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Prince and many more have once frequented the eccentric premises. Now, we are adding our own chapter to the building’s history, uniting some of the most visionary artists of today within its legendary walls.

Collaborating for Social Change

10% of sales from the collections revealed at Paris Les Bains will support The Continuity of Learning programme, launched by our social partner Concrete Jungle Foundation. The programme aims to tackle youth unemployment & shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry through immersive, hands-on-deck & tailor-made activities. It encompasses a range of essential elements, including hard skills development, access to opportunities, increased mobility, networking opportunities, exposure to new experiences, and personal and professional growth.

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