We produce our editions in-house and, as it often happens in the process of hands-on craftsmanship, not all of them turn out perfect. Some may sustain slight scratches or tiny surface defects which means they can no longer be sold as artworks, being destined instead for a life in the archives. Thankfully we hate waste, so we decided on a different solution. We are giving these abandoned artworks a second life making them available as affordable, high-quality skate decks, shipped to you inside a box without revealing what’s inside. How fun! You don’t know which edition you’ll get but you can be sure it will be a special one. Each unique design is a result of a direct collaboration with a global artist. Each one carries a story and is waiting for you to write the next chapter. Most importantly, we dedicate 10% of all sales to supporting social skate projects worldwide. Grab a mystery skate deck just for you and help us combat environmental waste while you’re at it. <* Please note, we are not able to accept returns on this item. All sales are final.>