Michèle LAMY As Seen By Juergen TELLER In a Brand New Skateboard Art Collection

When Juergen TELLER photographed Michèle LAMY for the first issue of System Beauty Magazine, he captured her bold spirit and incomparable cool - two of the many qualities which made her the living patron saint of fashion, street and skate culture that she is today. THE SKATEROOM has now turned these photographs into a limited collection of skateboard art editions, revealed exclusively at ComplexCon in LA.

The Muse and Her Artist

Showcased across two triptychs of 20 editions and one pentaptych of 10 editions, the photographs seem to be telling a story that’s dark, mysterious and intimate. The intensity of LAMY’s portraits is hypnotizing, as if daring you to look closer. Her iconoclast aesthetic merges perfectly with the visual magic of TELLER who, known for his world-famous fashion photography, always manages to amplify the raw, individualistic beauty of his models.

This Deck Wants To Be Skated

On top of the limited artworks, THE SKATEROOM has also launched our first ever 8.25 ready-to-skate deck featuring a key photograph from the same series. Although also visually striking, the deck is made specifically for skating, available in a high quantity and at a lower price point - making art and skate even more widely possible.

Skating for Social Change

The entire collection will be available to purchase at theskateroom.com after the 20th of November. 10% of sales will go directly towards supporting 7Hills - the organization based in Amman, Jordan which empowers youth through skateboarding and education. With a special focus on displaced communities and families from Jordan’s lower socio-economic classes, their free of charge programs empower young people to become active and positive contributors to their community.

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