Falling with CB HOYO, Evgen Čopi GORIŠEK, Pascal MÖHLMANN and THE SKATEROOM

CB HOYO, Evgen Čopi GORIŠEK and Pascal MÖHLMANN (of Plan X Gallery) have joined forces for a special collection with THE SKATEROOM, recently revealed at the legendary Les Bains in Paris. Each artist has designed and painted 1/3rd of five different triptychs, dedicating their unique styles to exploring the theme of “falling” and translating it into a limited collection of skateboard art editions, including one very special artwork. Full view of the XXXL skateboard art deck by CB HOYO, Evgen Čopi GORISEK, and Pascal MÖHLMANN, an extraordinary artistic masterpiece. This 6-hand collaboration is a journey through artistic approaches, and serves as almost a conversation between three individual styles - as captivating together as they are apart.

Evgen Čopi GORIŠEK

For Slovenian artist Evgen Čopi GORIŠEK, falling is a natural part of our existence. It is a lifelong lesson in resilience, in failure and in finding the determination to get back up. Not coincidentally, those are the very characteristics which make skateboarding so fulfilling. Stylistically too, GORIŠEK went out of his comfort zone, choosing to paint with oil for the first time ever. Through taking this leap and letting himself fall into an unknown direction, the artist experimented with a brand new technique achieving captivating results. The portraits hand-painted on his editions are almost chilling, with the artist’s signature-style smiles in lieu of a human face. Despite being devoid of original expression however, each silhouette seems to be telling a story, creating a final effect that is as disgruntling as it is hypnotizing. Humorous, but also begging the question of - what message hides behind the generic smile?


Could the circumstances of a fall be as simple as clumsiness? Or are they caused by divine interference? Dutch artist Pascal MÖHLMANN muses on the fine connection between the big picture and the small occurrences within it, in a collection of artworks inspired by a baroque painting The Fall of The Damned by Pierre Paul Rubens. For MÖHLMANN, not all falls must be synonymous with heroism or perilous sportsmanship. Some can be symptoms of a mere lack of focus or mindlessness. For his skateboard art editions, he chose to zoom in on distraught figures captured in the midst of a fall, surrounded by everyday objects which emphasize the randomness of the event. As he puts it - distracted, vain and full of presumption we all fall, sooner or later. Whether it is coincidental or fated is impossible to determine.


CB HOYO, famed for his self-deprecating art which satirizes society and human behaviors, has taken a forgiving approach in his portion of the collaboration. He portrays falling as a universally human experience which connects us all - one that we should acknowledge, accept and learn from. Through a series of his signature quotes depicted on skateboard art editions, he examines the fall from a physical, emotional and metaphorical standpoint. He emphasizes the links it has with perseverance and growth, stressing the temporality of the pain which it may cause. This conversational side of the collaboration serves as a hopeful and clear message, while also sticking to HOYO’s uniquely playful style. For this design, the artist has covered his skateboard decks in raw canvas, and used water-soluble oil bars combined with mineral water to create the works.


To make the launch even more special, the artists have also painted the largest skateboard art deck in the history of THE SKATEROOM. The grand-scale artwork is a six-hand collaboration, merging together the individual styles of our three creators. Combining a smiling figure by Evgen Čopi GORIŠEK, with the dramatic heroine of Pascal MÖHLMANN and a central slogan by CB HOYO to create an unforgettable triple-threat visual experience.

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Collaborating for Social Change

10% of sales from the collections will support The Continuity of Learning programme, launched by our social partner Concrete Jungle Foundation. The programme aims to tackle youth unemployment & shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry through immersive, hands-on-deck & tailor-made activities. It encompasses a range of essential elements, including hard skills development, access to opportunities, increased mobility, networking opportunities, exposure to new experiences, and personal and professional growth.