Black women at the heart of South African skateboarding: 'Island Gals'

Skateistan in Johannesburg

THE SKATEROOM has been sponsoring the work of social skate NGOs for nearly a decade, raising over $1.5-million in support for programs and facilities that inspire, educate and empower young people all over the world. Our longest-standing NGO partner, Skateistan, has been working in Johannesburg for over five years, and with our support has been combating gender and racial inequality in South Africa through skateboarding programs for boys and girls of all backgrounds. But there is still a lot of work to be done, and the locals in Johannesburg know this above all: true change comes from the heart of the community. Recently, South African photographer Karabo MOOKI shared a new portrait series with us, documenting a new community of Black women who are using skateboarding as a tool for gender and racial empowerment. One of these women, Jeanne, it turns out, works at Skateistan in Johannesburg. Small world. Of course, we had to find out more.

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