A Visual Mixtape Of Michael Dayton HERMANN’s Life

On top of his work as a multidisciplinary visual artist and Director of Licensing at the Andy Warhol Foundation, Michael Dayton HERMANN is a full time observer of digital culture and its impact on the human subconscious. Through analyzing the fast-changing phenomena in the content we consume, he finds inspiration for artistic concepts which defy conventions, labels and forms. HERMANN’s 40-minute visual mixtape My Life Through Your Eyes, composes together a transfixing selection of internet clips, memes and sounds which all correspond with the various aspects of his life - one of them being an exploration of his passion for skateboarding and the many lessons it instilled in him.

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Skateboarders & Beauty Queens

In his new limited collection of skateboard art decks, the artist meditates - among others - on the notions of failure and conformity. In the 5 original artworks, this is conveyed through the depiction of hand-painted beauty pageant trophies. They serve as totems of individuality in a world which rewards subduing to beauty standards and accepted norms. What’s more, the printed editions of 5 hand-signed triptychs and 20 hand-signed solo decks experiment with the well-known emoji iconography and AI filters to depict distorted images of “broken faces” and twisted expressions. The artworks may also be seen as HERMANN’s love letter to skate culture and its raw (often unglamorous) side which celebrates authenticity, resilience and originality. In tandem with the collection’s birthplace, 10% of the revenue from each purchase will go towards supporting the efforts of New York-based Harold Hunter Foundation.

"My Life Through Your Eyes" — A Visual Mixtape

Harnessing the Power of Skateboarding to Transform Lives

The Harold Hunter Foundation (HHF) is a non-profit, grassroots, skateboard community-based organization working with skateboarders in NYC and beyond so that they can reach their full potential as skateboarders and as people. Their mission is to use skateboarding as a vehicle for providing underserved youth with valuable life experiences that nurture individual creativity, resourcefulness, and the development of life skills.