What Is Skateboard Art And How To Make It Work In Your Space?

With the new year comes a new energy and that may bring about an impulse to rethink our interiors. Whether it’s a small aesthetic refreshment or a major renovation, now is a great time to look around our spaces, seek new inspirations and make sure that our homes are harmoniously evolving with us.

The easiest way to start is through accessorizing. Choosing statement art and design pieces which aesthetically compliment the interior, while also telling a story of their own. Each piece has the power to reflect the owner’s personality, attract the attention of visitors and breathe a refreshing new life into an otherwise familiar realm. That’s why it’s so important to pick the perfect pieces for your personal collection.
andy warhol skate wall art in design apartment

THE SKATEROOM offers a vast curated selection of skateboard art editions from the most renowned and exciting global artists. With new takes on traditional works, we make art more accessible to contemporary audiences, all while donating 10% of sales to social skate projects worldwide.

Not sure where to begin with choosing the perfect skateboard art pieces for your space? Let us offer you a hand. In no time will your home turn into a personalized space of interior design dreams!

First thing’s first - what is skateboard art?

You guessed it. It’s art… but on skateboards. THE SKATEROOM produces original artworks and printed editions on Canadian maplewood boards. As opposed to more traditional artworks which come in frames and rectangular structures, skate editions come in elongated forms with rounded edges making them unique and still pleasantly symmetrical. They fit seamlessly into the decor of your home and can serve as both a minimalist touch or a bold centerpiece, depending on whether you choose a solo edition, a diptych or a triptych. Their distinct shape creates a look that’s modern and cool but undeniably timeless. The editions are also hugely collectible, which allows for an interchangeability of the display. You can mix-and-match, change them up, or curate depending on your mood and season. Whichever one you pick at any given moment, the one thing that remains constant is their high artistic value.

Why are THE SKATEROOM’s editions special?

THE SKATEROOM collaborates closely with artists, meaning that you can purchase an authenticated piece made directly with Jeff KOONS or his peers, but at a significantly lower price point than their usual artworks. Thanks to this, exclusive art becomes much more accessible and available to collectors, both established and at the start of their journey. As a B-Corp, we prioritize quality that doesn’t compromise the environment. We strive to use only the most sustainable materials and localize production in order to reduce our impact. Our editions are printed in-house using advanced printing technology and sustainable inks which allows us independence from the polluting mass market. THE SKATEROOM’s mission goes even further. We dedicate 10% of sales from each collection to support social skate organizations around the world. The benefits of skateboarding in the lives of young people go beyond just sports. Through the skateparks, workshops and community activities which we fund, we empower underprivileged youth, equipping them with the skills, friendships and inspiration to change their everyday realities.

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Which interior style is best to display skateboard art in?

The subtle flowing shape of a skateboard art deck makes it a stunning addition to any wall, regardless of the style which surrounds it. Depending on the color palette and size of your edition, they can be either a complimentary embellishment or the prime focus. Minimalist interiors can benefit from an eye-catching piece which adds an element of personality and creativity to the room, without disrupting its ambiance. Editions from Claudia COMTE, Ed TEMPLETON and Andy WARHOL can do just the trick. Ultra-modern and industrial spaces will appreciate a bolder aesthetic, like that of Korakrit ARUNANONDCHAI, Juergen TELLER, Benjamin SABATIER and JOHN Yuyi. Their darker tones and subject matter create an intriguing atmosphere which makes it impossible to look away. If warm earth-tones and wood are your cup of tea, look no further than editions from Wayne THIEBAUD and Jules de BALINCOURT for gentle pastels, unobtrusive lines and calm yet hypnotizing storytelling. For lovers of maximalism, we have colors and pop-art galore. From the visual language of Jeff KOONS, through the imagination of Jean-Charles de CASTELBAJAC, to the artistic experiments of CB HOYO, Evgen Čopi GORISEK and Pascal MÖHLMANN (of Plan X Gallery). Finally, pieces from Marc LESCHELIER, MAK2 or Henry TAYLOR will work great with a mid-century modern and space age aesthetics, together with classic staples from Jean-Michel BASQUIAT and Keith HARING.

How to choose your editions?

Start by identifying the primary style of your interior. Is it modern? Is it classic? What colors are dominating? Begin a mental dialogue with your space and discover what it is you would like it to represent. Should it be universal? Should it reflect your personality? Is it an homage to something you are passionate about? The more questions you answer, the easier it will be to choose an art piece which composes well with your home and resonates with you on a deeper level. Each edition by THE SKATEROOM has its own special story, or a meaning envisioned for it by the artist. Have a look through our shop and read the artwork descriptions - perhaps you’ll find that some speak to you more than others. Being interested and fascinated by your chosen edition, beyond just its visual appeal, will make it that much more of a special purchase. And remember - your editions can be interchangeable. As your collection grows, so will your opportunity to mix it up, refresh your display and allow your space to change with the seasons.

Where to place them?

THE SKATEROOM editions are high-quality artworks which illuminate any space and amplify its aesthetic potential. Whether you choose to display it over the mantlepiece, above the living room sofa or in the bedroom is entirely up to you. Because of their varying styles, the editions can be an extension of the existing atmosphere or can introduce a brand new feel. If you are looking to infuse your living room with some color, your office with creativity, or your bedroom with a sense of calm, you can be sure to find more than one skateboard art edition to match. Additionally, the playful nature of some of our collections make them perfect additions to the bedrooms of children and teenagers, sparking their imagination and serving as reflections of their changing personalities. It’s also a great way to initiate the youngest members of your family into the world of art.

Received your edition - now what?

We provide you with everything you need to hang your editions. With your purchase you will receive the EasyFix wall mounts (which you can upgrade to the premium SnapDisplay wall mounts), as well as instructions for a smooth installation. Our team is also always available to answer any of your questions. Once the edition is in place, you can sit back and enjoy its street-culture infused elegance, knowing that your purchase carries positive benefits beyond just the walls of your home. We’d love to see which one you choose and how it composes with your space. Tag @theskateroom in your interior photos for a chance to share your vision and inspire others.