THE SKATEROOM’s Holiday Gift Guide - For the Art Lovers, the Skate Enthusiasts and You

Best part about it? We donate 10% of all sales to social skate organizations around the world, funding skatepark constructions, skill-building workshops and community initiatives for underprivileged youth. Dive into our guide and treat your loved ones (and yourself) to a curated selection of THE SKATEROOM’s most special products this holiday season, all while giving back to those who need it most.


Scrolling through THE SKATEROOM’s shop and you find yourself liking everything? We’ve got an easy fix. Present your loved ones with a thoughtful Gift Card in three amounts of choice, and allow them to choose the editions that resonate with them most.

Pink Panther, Jeff KOONS

Our latest drop is a playful pop-art staple by one of the great contemporary masters. Jeff KOONS reimagined his classic porcelain sculpture as a skate edition diptych, showcasing the famous Pink Panther in the embrace of a smiling pin-up woman. Not only is the edition vibrantly pink and aesthetically unique, it is also infused with philosophical meaning. KOONS originally produced the artwork for his Banality series (1988), as a metaphor for the viewer’s cultural guilt and shame, addressing acceptance as a path to empowerment. The work explores sensuality, materialism, taste, desire and the abundance of overlapping images within our culture.

Miss Margaret, Yoshitomo NARA

The best selling collection by Yoshitomo NARA is globally beloved for its cultural significance, gentle color palette and unforgettable visual language. Miss Margaret, with her hypnotizing eyes and a slightly distant smile, graces the front plan of this skateboard art triptych. Rich greens combined with warm browns are reminiscent of the lush nature surrounding NARA’s Nasushiobara studio. The artwork manages to intrigue, while also emanating a sense of calm and groundedness. It’s a perfect addition to any interior, especially when designing with relaxation in mind - such as for the living room or the bedroom.

T-Shirt, PLAN X

Why just look at an art piece when you can also wear it? Artist trio CB HOYO, Evgen Čopi GORISEK and Pascal MÖHLMANN (of Plan X Gallery) have teamed up for a special six-hand collaboration, creating the largest skateboard art deck in THE SKATEROOM’s history. It’s a grand capsule of their shared and individual creative visions, exploring the theme of “falling” from many perspectives. The garment is designed in a loose, oversized fit with a long shape and thick cotton fabric. It’s the perfect white t-shirt to be dressed up or down, with the original artwork printed on the back for an eye-catching effect.


The perfect Christmas gift captures the spirit of the season but maintains its universal relevance all year round. Such is the power of the famous LOVE artwork by Robert Indiana, created in January 1965 and made famous later that same year by appearing on the MoMA’s annual Christmas card. The trademarked stacked letters in their original Red, Blue & Green composition are now showcased across a skateboard art triptych. Over decades, the image has been emblematic of much more than just the holiday season, appearing as sculptures, campaign slogans, merchandise and iconic elements of city infrastructure. Today the message remains as pertinent as ever, so pass it on and give the gift of LOVE this Christmas.

Untitled (Schrödinger), Yoshitomo NARA

If you’re a fan of art which questions reality and provokes philosophical thinking, we have just the piece for you. The Untitled (Schrödinger) solo edition from our Yoshitomo NARA collection presents one of his signature silhouettes as they appear from inside a cube. This is a reference to the Schrödinger's Box problem, which explores the nature of things unseen. The subject matter introduces an element of fascinating darkness to the piece, proving NARA’s ability to blend the sweet with the sinister. The delicate lines and light shades of the artwork contribute to a minimalist result, thus composing perfectly within any space - from cozy Japandi to more industrial modern interiors.

Horn Players, 1983, Jean-Michel BASQUIAT

THE SKATEROOM’s Jean-Michel BASQUIAT editions are best selling staple pieces in the homes of art and design aficionados. They’re the perfect testament to the artist’s timeless genius, capturing his bold visual language, socio-political messages and unmatched conceptual creativity in a modern form. The Horn Players, 1983, present the well-known painting as a skateboard art triptych. It is an aesthetic mixture of high art and street culture, adorning any space with a captivating edge. Whether you’re a fan of classic, elegant interiors, or leaning more towards experimental design, a piece of BASQUIAT’s visual storytelling might be just what your home desires.

T-Shirt, Jean-Charles de CASTELBAJAC

A wearable addition to our POP WING FLIP collection - an original t-shirt by THE SKATEROOM with official designs from Jean-Charles de CASTELBAJAC. Featuring a characteristic color palette and the angelic skateboard art triptych in the back, the garment is here to give wings to the risk-takers, the dreamers and the everyday heroes. The loose, oversized t-shirt is a must-have collectible for any fans of the famous JCDC aesthetic, which spans art, fashion, pop-culture and now also skateboarding. Become part of this iconic legacy and, might we add, look great while doing it.

Crack Down, Keith Haring

An artistic gift which never misses. The Crack Down edition from our Keith HARING collection presents the artist’s legendary imagery on a solo deck. Throughout his career, Keith HARING produced murals, sculptures, and paintings to benefit hospitals, groups for underprivileged children, and various community health organizations. His art touched on social issues, cultural movements, and served as a colorful vessel for messages of change - mainly in the face of the AIDS epidemic. The visual was originally used as a poster promoting the “Crack Down On Crack” concert at Madison Square Garden in 1986. Some of the biggest musicians of the time performed at the event to raise awareness around the health risks of drug use, and to unite in positivity to combat the crisis. Invite a piece of this change-making history into your home with a special skate edition from an iconic New York visionary.

Colored Campbell’s Soup, Andy WARHOL

Andy WARHOL’s Campbell’s Soup is one of the most recognizable artworks of all time, presented here on solo skateboard editions. It’s a surefire way to bring some pop-art magic into your space. Available in multiple colorways, the editions can be easily styled within any interior. Mix & match them depending on your mood, the season, or your go-to color of the moment. It’s a perfect collectable gift for any aesthete, and a tasteful color pop to break up the winter gloom.

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