At Home With Yunji — 7 Questions on Skate Art, Interior Design and Expressing Creativity

Furniture and interior blogger Yunji (@yunji_yi) is no stranger to colorful designs, bold patterns and - above all - beautifully curated aesthetics. It is no wonder that THE SKATEROOM editions go so seamlessly with the creatively conceptualized spaces of her Korean home. To let us in on her vision, Yunji took our questionnaire and shared some thoughts, tips and advice on incorporating skateboard art into your interiors.

Describe your interior design style in a few words.

Mid-century design, Scandinavian style, colorful.

What interested you in skateboard art?

I am interested in sub-cultures like street art or skateboarding, which are free and have no boundaries. It’s creative to express beautiful art on a skateboard.

What unique qualities does skateboard art introduce into a space (as opposed to more traditional artworks)?

Traditional artworks are always fixed on the wall, [with the art itself being the only focus]. However, skateboard art harmonizes well with the space [and] furniture. Overall, it makes the space more unique and special.

What interior style goes best with skateboard art?

I think that every place would be perfect with skateboard art, because it makes it lively. So if you feel bored with your place, just find your favorite editions of skateboard art!

How do you take care of your skateboard art edition?

The skateboard art edition is made of maple wood, which is hard wood! It is finished well, so nothing to take care of - just dust off the skateboard. I expect that it will become more beautiful as time goes by.

What are your favorite editions from THE SKATEROOM (and why)?

I love the Jean-Michel BASQUIAT editions! I love the color and energy of the art. These are my inspirations to design the interior.

Do you have to be a skater to include skateboard art in your interiors?

No. If you love art or interior design, do not limit your style! Good interior is always based on your creativity.

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