At Home with SI.LEN.CIO - 6 Questions on Skate Art, Design and Interior Inspiration

The Swiss home of art & interior tastemaker Camille (@si.len.cio) is a warm, sunbathed space full of unique yet complimenting styles, music, books and the beautiful mixture between old and new. It is also home to one of THE SKATEROOM’s classic editions - the Jean-Michel BASQUIAT “Trumpet” triptych. Let’s pay a visit into Camille’s moodboard-worthy interior and discover her take on skateboard art, its multi-generational appeal and the design styles which complement it best.|

Describe your interior design style in a few words.

My interior design style is a mix of midcentury and modern furniture by design pioneers whose works I highly value for their timeless aesthetic and great quality. It is also very personal and intimate as it is closely linked to my family’s artistic sensibility, our vision of aesthetics and our personalities – I've always liked to think about our home as a mirror of ourselves, which gives us a deep sense of belonging. One thing that I also find interesting is that people often underline the subtle infusion of hip-hop and street culture in my interior, which I really appreciate.

What interested you in skateboard art?

I found out about THE SKATEROOM and skateboard art a few years ago at the Fondation Beyeler in Switzerland and it instantly caught my eye. I loved seeing street/skateboard culture entering a museum, which isn’t a new phenomenon of course - just think about artists like Basquiat and Haring who made a solid bond between the art world and alternative subcultures. In this sense, skateboard art just makes sense, as it is a reflection of this crossover. Eventually, being someone who is passionate about art and interior design and who used to skateboard a lot when I was a teenager, I could only be interested in skateboard art.

What interior style goes best with skateboard art?

I think skateboard art can match a great variety of interior styles but I really love to see it with midcentury furniture or in minimalist/brutalist interiors.

How do you take care of your skateboard art edition?

I dust it regularly and make sure it's not exposed to too much direct light.

What are your favorite editions from THE SKATEROOM (and why)?

I really love all the Basquiat and Haring editions as the work of these artists is politically engaged in a way that particularly resonates with values endorsed by skate culture and THE SKATEROOM (social change, youth empowerment, diversity, inclusion, creativity, identity). The new Haring "Art Is For Everybody" box set looks super dope.

Do you have to be a skater to include skateboard art in your interiors?

Not at all. You just have to be open to different types of art mediums. For example, my grandmother - who is not a skater, I might add - absolutely loves the Basquiat "Trumpet" edition in our home. When she saw it for the first time she immediately said she would like one for her own home! But of course, when you’re a skater (or when you’re familiar with skateboarding), owning skateboard art has a different symbolic meaning for you.