1 edition from Grayson PERRY

Our collaboration

Perry is an English artist renowned for his ceramics, tapestries, and his cross-dressing. Having grown up in the backdrop of a violent household, Perry attributes his tendency to dress up as a woman to low self-esteem, corresponding to the idea of women being considered as second class. Perry considers the same of his chosen art form:

“It is like pottery: that’s seen as a second-class thing too.”

Grayson Perry collaborated with THE SKATEROOM, and created a unique limited edition for the occasion to celebrate his summer exhibition “Grayson Perry: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever” at Serpentine Galleries in London, in 2017.

“Kate Board”, an edition of 999, was named by Perry as a tribute to the Duchess of Cambridge in the front of a monumental church brass.

“She is a popular figure who does good work on a church brass. It might be the only context where we would get to stand on top of a member of the Royal Family.” – Grayson Perry – 2017

Grayson Perry collaboration - THE SKATEROOM Editions
with kind permission Richard Ansett'

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