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Ed Templeton (b. 1972, Garden Grove, CA; based in Huntington Beach, CA) is known for his interdisciplinary practice, most notably of photographs documenting people and street life of Huntington Beach, California, intimate portraits of his wife, and paintings depicting the psychological complexity of American suburbia. He first gained recognition as a teenage skateboard prodigy in the late 1980s and taught himself to photograph on the fly while actively touring for competitions. He later expanded to incorporate his artwork and graphics for his skate company Toy Machine.

Templeton uses photography, archival materials, painting, and drawing to explore the ugliness, banality, and beauty of the familiar everyday world, oftentimes attaching a deep, subjective emotional expression to his portraits. As the artist explains, all of his subjects come from his own life: “Everything I’ve ever shot has just been on the path that I’ve been on, be it skating or travel or street photography.”

Ed TEMPLETON’s cult-status photography series Wires Crossed is a captivating chronicle of the skate subculture, captured between 1995 and 2012. Now, it is reimagined as a limited hand-signed collection of skate art editions in the artist’s first collaboration with THE SKATEROOM.

Ed Templeton gallery picture

Supported Social Project

Empowering refugees in Athens through skateboarding

Project by Free Movement Skateboarding

Athens, Greece

Free Movement Skateboarding