Our Collaboration with Connor TINGLEY x LAMYLAND

27-year-old artist Connor TINGLEY started to draw and paint at the young age of three. With the boundless support of his mother, the California artist pursued his artistic interests in an array of forms. Today, Connor works out of his Los Angeles studio COOL LLC, as his daily focus lives between design endeavors and art making. The genesis of his work typically begins in the sketchbook in self-conversation; responding to ideas by asking questions. in lieu of this process, his language knows no medium by which to identify, other than harmony in concept, symbol and metaphor. Connor TINGLEY is a member of LAMYLAND.

The infamous LAMYLAND collective was formed by the legendary Michèle LAMY, internationally renowned creative hyphenate, and co-founding Partner & Executive Manager of Art/Furniture Owenscorp. The collective comprises the creative genius of Giovanni Leonardo BASSAN, EPHEMERISM, Marc LESCHELIER, Scarlett ROUGE, Connor TINGLEY and Brandon WEN. LAMYLAND were a key part of the creative engine behind THE SKATEROOM’s first collective show, WHAT ARE WE SKATING FOR?, which was inspired by Michèle LAMY’s model of mixing street culture with the codes of fashion and art, becoming a manifesto to celebrate the world of skateboarding and its universal facets.

20% of the revenue facilitated the construction of a skatepark for at-risk youth in Tameslouht, Morocco, in partnership with Concrete Jungle Foundation and Centre Fiers et Forts.

Connor TINGLEY - Artist portrait

Supported Social Project

A skatepark for at-risk youth outside Marrakech

Project by Concrete Jungle Foundation

Tameslouht, Morocco

Tameslouht Skatepark