Collaboration Claudia COMTE x USM

Claudia COMTE (b. 1983) is a Swiss artist based in Basel, Switzerland. Her practice is guided by a longstanding interest in teasing out the history and memory of biomorphic forms through traditional hand processes, industrial and machine technologies. Comte’s site-specific installations bring together monumental wall paintings and sculptures playfully inspired by organic patterns and morphology, paying testament to the intelligence and transformative capacities of the ecological world.

Renowned Swiss artist Claudia COMTE explores the flowing rhythm of structures and biomorphic forms in a first-of-its-kind collaboration between design icon USM and THE SKATEROOM.

The bespoke collection of modular furniture and skateboard art editions features some of the artist’s most renowned and thought provoking works, celebrating the language of shapes and its power to communicate that which goes beyond the written word. This unique collection includes not only three distinct visuals of 50 hand-signed skateboard art edition triptychs each, but also a larger USM Haller skateboard shelving solution which will be displayed in Milan on April 17, 2023.

Discover the Claudia COMTE modular furniture zig on the USM online shop.

Claudia COMTE - limited hand-signed skateboard artworks and furniture in collaboration with USM
Claudia COMTE

Supported Social Project

A safe skate-haven for children in Jordan.

Project by 7Hills

Amman, Jordan

Seven Hills - kids in Jordan
copyright: 7Hills