We exist to facilitate, empower and inspire social change

Since 2014, THE SKATEROOM has worked closely with the world’s most influential artists, to empower international skate and education nonprofits & projects. As a proud B Corp, we embrace a social entrepreneurship model, while actively working to improve sustainability and transparency in our work.

10% of all revenue. Minimum.

We make a commitment to the organizations we sponsor: at least 10% of all revenue at THE SKATEROOM goes directly to creating social change. We help empower youth around the world, build new skateparks and develop education facilities & resource programs. By buying limited editions from THE SKATEROOM, our collectors & community have a direct role in creating lasting social change. Together, we work towards a brighter future for consumerism.

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Our story

A brief history of THE SKATEROOM


Charles-Antoine meets Oliver Percovich

In a chance encounter with Oliver Percovich (head of award-winning NGO Skateistan), Charles saw first hand how, with the right facilities and resources, young people in some of the world’s most disadvantaged countries could be empowered to pursue a better future.


THE SKATEROOM opens its doors.

Charles’ experience with Skateistan became the seed for a new model of social entrepreneurship that would unite artists, art buyers, museums, brands and non-profits around the world. THE SKATEROOM was born.


Becoming a B Corp.

Since day one, becoming a B Corp was more than an aspiration for us

Certified B Corps are distinguishing themselves in a cluttered marketplace by offering a positive vision of a better way to do business. We were born to be a B Corp. In 2019, we achieved that goal.


The $1,000,000 milestone.

In 2020, we hit a milestone which THE SKATEROOM set during its conception: one-million in funding for social impact projects. We are proud of that number. But in true B Corp style, this is only the beginning.  

How We Work

Our social impact business model unites artists and skateboarding projects all over the globe. We are facilitators for lasting social change.

A partner organization needs sponsorship for a new or ongoing project. It’s our job to meet that need. We make a commitment to the organisation, and get to work.

Through our extensive network in the art world, we unite the organization in need with an artist who shares this vision for social change.

We work with the artist(s) to create limited skateboard editions which are then sold online and in partner museums and stores.

We give at least 10% of the revenue from the edition sales to creating social change, facilitating our partners to take their incredible work to the next level.

Sustainability and Transparency

We’re transparent about our commitments to sustainable practices, because social impact cannot happen at the expense of environmental impact. We consider our engagement with the planet sacred.

Certified B Corps are distinguishing themselves in a cluttered marketplace by offering a positive vision of a better way to do business. In 2019, we achieved that goal. We've been on a journey of self-improvement ever since. We proudly hold a score of 97.4 today, but with the help of the B Impact Assessment we have committed to improving our B Corp Score by 5% each year. This is woven into every part of what we do at THE SKATEROOM.

Being “carbon neutral” means that – through a transparent process of calculating emissions, reducing those emissions and offsetting residual emissions – net carbon emissions equal
zero. Since 2016, THE SKATEROOM compensates our entire yearly carbon footprint through the independent audit company CO2logic and Vincotte – an international independent certification body.

Truly planet-friendly business is a difficult and endless journey. We make a commitment to sustainability in all our work, but we can’t pretend we’re there yet. We have a commitment to realizing the following goals by 2022: localize production to reduce emissions and improve our value chain; compensate our wood usage via forest conservation projects; reduce our plastic footprint by finding alternatives for all packaging and single-use plastic products, including the bottles we drink from in our office. We are already well on the way to meeting these aims.