Los Angeles Captured On Skate Art Editions

The new collection from Patrick MARTINEZ presents a tapestry of Los Angeles, showcased across three limited solo editions. Through incorporating traditional textures and materials from the city, such as stucco paint, bougainvillea flowers, tiles and neon, the LA-native pays homage to the cultural and aesthetic richness of local neighborhoods which are on the brink of disappearance.

Mirroring The City

MARTINEZ’s work is in a constant dialogue with the urban sphere and its inhabitants, commenting on social and political issues, gentrification, community displacement and modernization. To him, art is much more than just a visual collectible to be hung in galleries. It’s a vessel for messages of change and difficult – yet much needed – conversations.

Much like skateboarding, the artworks stem from a creative interaction with the city. Discover the full limited collection:

patrick_martinez_studio photographed by demarquis_mcdaniels

Serpents (Welcome To The Jungle)

The printed solo edition features quintessential tapestries of the Los Angeles landscape – tile, neon and bougainvillea flowers. Climbing up the purple wall are ancient Mayan serpents, serving as a memory of the past as it interacts with the present context.

Serpents (Welcome To The Jungle) skateboard art by artist Patrick MARTINEZ

Cacaxtla Conflict (El Sereno To Alhambra)

The featured painting is inspired by scenes of conflict often encountered on the streets of Los Angeles. The juxtaposition of colors and patterns is an ode to the iconography of the city, specifically the green and orange hues of storefronts, colorful tile, graffiti and mural paintings.

Conflict (El Sereno To Alhambra) skateboard art by artist Patrick MARTINEZ


The featured artwork is Patrick MARTINEZ’s reflection on the feeling of hope in the face of a global crisis. It draws its inspiration from a quote by author Rebecca Solnit: “Inside the word “emergency” is “emerge”; from an emergency new things come forth. The old certainties are crumbling fast, but danger and possibility are sisters.

The depiction of a broken neon sign with “Emerge” as the focal point, calls on viewers to lean into the unknown and trust in a positive outcome, no matter how difficult the present condition may be.


Emergency skateboard art by artist Patrick MARTINEZ

Art For Social Impact

Patrick MARTINEZ’s art is all about making an impact. It’s no coincidence that this is also the mission of THE SKATEROOM. For this reason, as with all of our collections, we will be dedicating 10% of all sales to social skate organizations and nonprofits worldwide. With your help, we have been funding skatepark constructions, educational programs and community initiatives for an entire decade.