Building Janwaar’s Second Skatepark

The Rural Changemakers of Janwaar x Walead Beshty

With Walead BESHTY

The Rural Changemakers of Janwaar is a social experiment launched in India on February 2014 by Ulrike Reinhard. Reinhard drew inspiration from the work of Skateistan when establishing her project, desiring to use skateboarding as a tool to drive fundamental social, cultural, and economic change. The experiment came to be known as the Janwaar Castle.

The experiment sought to develop trust and build confidence within the youth of this remote village, through the process of having fun and learning new skills. Though skateboarding was something completely foreign to these kids, Reinhard believed in its power to make a difference.

The experiment turned out to be a success. Skateboarding helped these kids develop self-esteem and confidence, empowering them to become role models within their community. These children effectively became The Rural Changemakers.

Through our collaboration with Walead Beshty, we are donating 15% of the sales proceeds to help The Rural Changemakers of Janwaar continue progress and build a second skatepark in Janwaar.

The Rural Changemakers
Janwar, IN
Marciano Art Foundation
Artist Collaboration
“Walead Beshty's work is meticulous. We knew it would look amazing on a skate deck, and it does.” The Skateroom
Our Partner
“We are grateful to the Marciano Art Foundation for launching this collaboration with us for a great cause.” The Skateroom

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