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Skateistan x Chéri Samba 

Skateistan x Chéri Samba 

With Chéri SAMBA

Skateistan is an international award-winning NGO based in Berlin, Germany. The organization was created in 2009 when its founder, Oliver Percovich, traveled to Afghanistan with three skateboards. Noticing an obvious lack of opportunities within a disfavored Afghan youth, Percovich began using skateboarding as a means to engage them and build a spirit of community. Skateistan built its first skate school a few months later, using skateboarding and education as a catalyst to drive positive social change. These two elements became the core of Skateistan’s mission to empower children living in underprivileged circumstances.

Further to its cause, the organization developed and implemented 4 educational programs designed to build skills and confidence within children. Conceived as a cycle, the older students eventually become role models to the younger ones, ensuring long term positive change within the community and a brighter future for themselves.

Skateistan currently runs skate schools in Afghanistan, Cambodia, South Africa, and betters the lives of over 2500 children – 51% of these children are girls.

Through our collaboration with Chéri Samba, we donate 30% of the sales profit to support Skateistan’s educational programs in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Keep Skating
Johannesburg, ZA
Artist Collaboration
“Color is the universe, the universe is life, painting is life.” Chèri Samba
Our Partner
“We teamed up with FLV for this collaboration to deliver a message central to Samba's visual: love and unity.” The Skateroom

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