Empowering Women Through Arts and Sports

Free Movement Skateboarding x Judy Chicago


This collaboration supports two organizations: Free Movement Skateboarding and Through The Flower.

Free Movement Skateboarding is a non-profit organization based in Athens, Greece. As skaters themselves, they know the many positive impacts skateboarding can have for one’s sense of self-worth and fulfilment; binding people into an inclusive community of diverse friends. Motivated to introduce these positive impacts to those in need with the support of UK charity Help Refugees, founders Will Ascott and Ruby Mateja packed up their lives, along with a load of donated boards and equipment, into their van and drove out to Athens.

Since January 2017, they have been working to establish connections with projects operating inside refugee camps, community centers, squats, the local Athenian community, and other skate charities from across the globe. They teach 8 skateboarding workshops every week, engaging 16 different nationalities, with 45% female participation overall.

Through the Flower was founded by Judy Chicago in 1978 as a non-profit feminist art organization. The non-profit’s legacy is built on sponsoring and supporting projects that show the importance of art and its role in countering the erasure of women’s achievements in history. Another part of this legacy is the power of art to inspire such action that has far-reaching effects.

Over the years, Through the Flower has grown into a substantial resource and research center, dedicated to ensuring Judy Chicago’s vision that women’s achievements will become a permanent part of our cultural heritage. Chicago’s legacy as an artist is inseparable from her pioneering role in Feminist art and education and their mission is to maintain the belief that women’s achievements throughout history in art, activism, education, and so many other facets of society, are displayed at the forefront.

From the sales of our 3 very limited editions in collaboration with Judy Chicago, The Skateroom commits 5% of the turnover to fund Free Movement Skateboarding, and the implementation of their women’s program in Athens, Greece.

Judy Chicago has waved her artist royalties allowing us to donate an extra 5% to fund the artist’s non-profit, Through The Flower. The proceeds will support Through The Flower’s public programming initiatives including art workshops for children, teens, and adults.

Girl Power
Athens, GR
Organization 1:
Free Movement Skateboarding
Organization 2:
Through The Flower
Jessica Silverman Gallery
Artist Collaboration
“I was thrilled and excited by The Skateroom's offer to produce limited edition skateboards and happy to hear of their mission to improve the lives of young girls around the world through skateboarding.” Judy CHICAGO
Our Partner
“We believe in equality of genders. This collaboration is 100% girl power.” The Skateroom
The Story
the skateroom

The Women’s Program that Free Movement Skateboarding is putting into place takes action to engage with more female communities through skateboarding – creating a safe and supportive learning environment led by positive female role models, empowering the young women they teach with the skills and confidence they need to make positive changes for themselves and their communities. Through this collaboration, the non-profit would like to further develop this program in order to have more teachers and add learning sessions.

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